Founded in 1995, Enveloc, Inc. is a privately held, full service offsite data backup and storage provider with corporate headquarters in the USA Technology and Research Park in Mobile, Alabama. The company owns server clusters located in secure Network Operation Centers in Mobile and Los Angeles.

At Enveloc, we offer the industry's safest, most efficient means of data protection and recovery. Capable of running on any Windows operating system, Enveloc securely and automatically transmits data to geographically-diverse Class A Network Operation Centers located over 2,000 miles apart, providing safe, complete, and redundant copies of your data. Enveloc Remote Backup features daily backup verification and audits, as well as immediate, around the clock professional assistance from technical experts who appreciate the significance of your data.

Enveloc provides live technical support 24/7, at no charge during business hours as well as after-hours emergency restoration assistance. For clients lacking an IT staff, remote support via our software or website is also available for system configuration and assistance, if needed.

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